Understanding animal spirit guides

On this new stage of my journey I see cats everywhere. I was heart sore when I left South Africa to leave my beautiful black cat Felix behind. He is safe and in a loving home. But wherever I walk or go in Malta, there are cats. This beautiful green-eyed cat showed up as I opened the back door yesterday. And I am seeing at least ten cats or more a day. Walking home tonight I started laughing as I realised that Felix and my cat spirit animals were communicating with me and making sure I get the message.

We all have animal spirit guides and today’s blog is about your guides.

A cat as your animal spirit guide

If a cat shows up as a spirit guide it means:

  • You can trust your instincts and realise that you know what your needs are. This is a time where you need to trust your own capabilities and you can be self-sufficient.
  • You can honour your sensuality by dancing gracefully and with ease and be aware of the fluidity and grace of your physical being.
  • Connect to your intuitive guidance, as it is most likely a spirit guide that is trying to communicate with you. Be open to the signs and omens as they will guide and direct you.
  • Whether you release relationships, material things or self-defeating habits know by doing so it will be replaced by something or someone far more suitable in the near future

How you get messages from animal spirit guides

When you have an unusual experience with an animal or repeatedly see the same animal in physical form, dreams or symbolic form there is a message for you from the spirit world. The animal or symbol of the animal will repeatedly show up to make sure you get the message.

There are four methods in which you can receive the messages from the spirit world through your animal spirit guide. The most usual is visual by physically seeing the animal or an image or picture of the animal. Other encounters can be through auditory, kinaesthetic and cognitive messages.
Once you recognise that the spirit world is trying to contact you, and you set a clear intention to receive these messages, they will appear in surprising and unexpected ways.

They appear by one or more of the four ways:

1) Visual. When you see a crow when you are out walking and it seems to be following you it might be trying to get your attention. If you are in the garden and a dove is all around you it is trying to convey a message. When you keep on seeing cats wherever you are – your cat spirit animal is telling you to stop and get the message. It is getting your attention visually. Clairvoyance is another way in which you see the animal in your mind’s eye or as an apparition. Or you have a dream in which you have a vivid image in which a lion (or other animal which you might not usually see) makes its appearance.

2) Auditory. You hear the voice of an animal spirit guide giving you advice or a message. Some people are so attuned to this that they can communicate with the animals they come across and intuitively get the message from the spirit animal. Another method is to overhear a conversation and intuitively know what their spirit animal is trying to share with you. Hearing the message from spirit is called clairaudience. These messages from your spirit animal are usually short and to the point.

3) Kinaesthetically. When you sense or feel something and feel it in your gut it is called intuition. You can feel the presence of your spirit animal and you can sense what it is trying to communicate to you. This way of communicating with spirit is called clairsentience.

4) Cognitive. Your spirit animal is communicating with you by sending you a thought or thought pattern. It is a knowing through your thought process and it is called claircognizance. You might not be able to explain how you know as you have a deep sense of having he insight what the animal spirit guide is sharing with you.

If you are not yet aware of which of these four channels is your primary way of exchanging information with your spirit guide, simply observe what transpires over the next few days. You can write down your observations as you connect.

How to connect with your animal spirit guides

The easiest and most direct way to connect with the spirit of the animal you just saw, sensed, felt or heard is to ask them what they are trying to share. The way to do it is to close your eyes (unless you are driving) and imagine the spirit animal guide is in front of you and in your mind ask “Do you have a message for me?” Trust the process, breathe and relax your body and trust the impression or information you get.

Allow yourself to listen and feel the information without over thinking it or having judgement. Write down anything you get immediately. Whether the messages are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or cognitive – the chances are good that you will connect. By doing so you will get an understanding of why the spirit animal is visiting you. Deciphering the messages become easier the more you practice the connection.

What does it mean?

We all want to be able to understand what the visitation means and what possible message the spirit world is trying to convey through the essence of the particular animal. It could be for a variety of reasons. I suggest that when you have this visitation from a spirit animal guide you first connect and get the message and then Google and look at the meaning of the specific animal showing up.

You can also contact me for an Intuitive Counselling session to get a clearer message and understanding from your animal spirit guides.