4 Steps to Connect to Your Intuition

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~ Rumi

Do you often feel anxious? Do you feel unable to move forward? Do you feel as if there is something missing in your life, but you do not know what it is?

If you live in a society where outward success is celebrated, it might be challenging to allow yourself the time and space you need to go inward and connect to your inner knowing (your intuition).

Over time, as you suppress the voices inside you it leads to racing thoughts, frustration, and feelings of being lost and not connected to your life.

We all have voices in our heads. They might vary from a soft whisper to voices so loud they could compete with an orchestra.

Many of us do not acknowledge what is happening in our minds and how often it occurs. Meditation is often recommended as it creates a useful bridge between the clatter in our minds and our greater understanding.

Today I invite you to join me in an unusual exercise I do with my clients, as we acknowledge and recognize the voices in our heads to get some insight and clarity as we connect with our intuition.

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For this exercise I’d like you to imagine you have three competing voices – fear, logic and intuition – in your head.

1) Fear

The voice of fear is the one that is often the loudest as it keeps us safe and it does not like change. When fear tries to get our attention, we can ignore it or distract ourselves, or find other ways to quieten it.

For today’s exercise we will acknowledge that fear is a great voice as it lets us know what can go wrong and it is doing a good job to protect us.

2) Logic

This voice sometimes gets intertwined with fear and might keep us from moving forward as it shows us the obstacles that lie ahead.

When logic is separated from fear it can help us find the best path to making decisions, achieving our goals, and gives us insight into obstacles we might find on our way.

3) Intuition

Then there is intuition, the voice we do not always recognize. It is a quiet voice that is often called your “gut feeling” or the “voice of the divine”. This third voice is usually the quietest and rarest one and is often blocked by the other two.

Your intuitive voice is linked to your subconsciousness and has the answers you seek. Listening to your intuition can transform your life.

During the exercise you will listen to your intuition by separating the voices.

To do this you need something to write on, a black or blue pen as well as an extra red pen or marker, as you follow the following four steps.

Step 1:

Write down what you most want in life. Do not judge yourself or overthink it and simply answer the question. This is a personal exercise for no one else to see.

Step 2:

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you can go inside your mind and speak to fear. Ask the voice of fear what it thinks about what it is that you want.

Next ask fear what might happen if you get that thing you want most? What is the risk if you were to try to get that thing? What are the dangers?

Keep on asking questions to understand what the voice of fear has to say. Write down anything that shows up and keep on writing until fear has nothing more to say. Even if there is no sense or logic in the answers write them down.

Next circle each of the fears that show up in red or with the marker and write ‘Fear’ on it. You have listened to, and acknowledged, your fear.

Freedom comes from connecting with your intuition

Step 3:

What does your logical inner voice say? What do you need to do to make your wish happen? Write your action plan of how you would make it happen.

Do not overthink it but just allow your inner logic to let the ideas flow. How could you do it? What do you need to do? What obstacles would logically come up as you tried to do it?

Allow your ideas and plans to flow. Logically plan the steps you need to take to make your biggest desire happen. Keep on writing until your voice of logic has expressed it all. If any fears or doubt appear write them at step one where the fears are.

You might now feel quiet as you have more clarity and a sense that you are closer to making your wish happen. These feelings will naturally lead you to step four.

Step 4:

Now, write down what your intuition says about that thing you want. Do not overthink it or try to understand it yet. Your intuition will give you a deep knowing if it is right for you.

You might also get a feeling that it is wrong for you. It might show you something else, a different desire or an outcome you did not expect.

It is important is to listen to your intuition and know that it is telling you the truth. During this exercise you acknowledge your inner voices and you recognize your intuition.

Some people feel sensations in their bodies at this stage. Your fingers or the back of your neck may tingle, or you might feel a fluttering in your stomach. These reactions happen and are normal.

By the end of this exercise, you will have a lot of feelings and emotions happening. Some of those will be more certainty and clarity for what your next steps need to be.

Trust your inner voice and guidance as this is your journey of self-discovery.

Developing Your Intuition

As you keep on practicing and repeating this exercise with different questions it will get easier and you will get more and more answers and you’ll start to hear the voice of intuition get louder and louder in your life.

I often work with clients that are extremely sensitive, feel stuck and are not able to move forward. They have anxiety and are sensitive to sounds, other emotions and do not believe in or trust their own intuition.

For many of them they have never considered their difficulties stem from a natural intuitive ability. And only through our sessions and techniques we practice does it unfold that they are sensitive and intuitive.

Working one-on-one with intuitive clients I have enabled them to move forward with clarity and purpose in their lives but providing them the tools they need to embrace and enhance their intuition.

This has led me to create an online and in-person training program certified Enlightened Hypnotherapist training for my clients. This program is also available to anyone interested in mastering the art of hypnotherapy. In addition, I want to highlight that our training program incorporates elements that can help you develop your intuition, activate your healing abilities, connecting you with your higher wisdom and inner guidance.

Developing Your Intuition online course by Karin Laing - connect to your intuition

I invite you to explore our Certified Enlightened Hypnotherapist training and see how it can empower you not only in hypnotherapy but also in connecting with your intuition and inner wisdom. I would love to have some juicy chat some time where we will make a magic miracle map to discover what’s blocking you from having a flourishing, fulfilled life. We could connect over the phone or via Zoom. This call is your first step towards that change. You deserve to say yes to you!

You have so much magic to share with the world! It would be great to see if there was something I could do to support your beautiful, divine ascension and money-making magic.