What is a psychic attack and why we need psychic shielding

Everyone can benefit from psychic shielding.

As spiritual and vibrational beings and we constantly receive as well as send out energy. Most of us are aware of feeling positive and happy when we are around people that transmit those feelings and energy. We are also aware of feeling tired or drained if we have spent time with negative people. We might accidentally absorb negative and lower energies from others.

This can happen when we visit a location or gathering where lower energies are present, and it also happens to sensitive and empathic people who take on energy from others. Persons that suffer from panic attacks tell us that these attacks often happen in shopping centres or at public events.

When a psychic attack happens we might feel ill or drained without warning and without being aware of where this negativity originates from. When we are attacked by negative energy it will affect us on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level. Then there are negative energies that are sent to us in the form of a psychic attack. This can be sent to us consciously or unconsciously or we can absorb or attract it because we are sensitive and psychically vulnerable.

If we are feeling good we send out positive energy and the people we have contact with will be aware of our positivity and we will attract and receive back positive energy. When we decide to send out negative energy in the form of fear, hate, worry, jealousy or revenge – then that is the energy that will be returned to us. Sometimes when we are caught up in a negative thought pattern we are attracting back the negative thought, energy or spirit that we sent out.

We are able to draw negative spirits, entities and dark energies to us without any influence from external sources. Feeling angry or fearful is normal when negative things happen in our lives and they do not draw the dark side to us. It is the prolonged states of negativity that set up the energetic reactions. If we allow ourselves to stay in depression, fear, hatred, bitterness, anger, resentment, anger, rage and other fears, we will attract and draw these negative energies.

By repressing positive emotions for a prolonged time it can cause negative entities to be attracted to us.

How can shielding help?

By learning shielding techniques a sensitive person can learn to self-protect and shield themselves from these dark energies and forces. A light shield is evoked through visualization, intention, and the feeling that you are completely surrounded by a light, a cocoon or an imagined shield that blocks out all negative vibrations or energies. This shield of light is a valuable spiritual tool for all healers, therapists, medical staff, light workers, beauty therapists and hairstylists, spiritual seekers and all energetically vulnerable and sensitive persons.

Light shields can be placed around your home, office, vehicles, and possessions as well as around your loved ones. By being aware of psychic attacks, knowing how to implement shielding techniques, and staying positive and in the light, you can protect your overall health, wellness and happiness.