Soul Connections: Why certain people come into our lives

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other” ~ Paulo Coelho

There are many reasons why certain people come into our lives. It is believed that there are no accidental meetings and that we meet for a reason. It is said that we have soul contracts with specific people before we are born on earth.

If we look at relationships there are intricate connections between different souls. Each person you meet will play a role and help you grow and move forward on your life path if you allow it. You might be there to share your wisdom, advice or guide the other person on theirs. You never know where they might be on their journey and how important what you share might be for them.

Be aware of how valuable each person you have in your life is, and treat them accordingly. Appreciate the moments you have with these people and do not take them for granted. Sometimes these meetings are fleeting and the moment has passed it is lost for ever.

There are seven reasons why certain people come into our lives:

1) To give us perspective. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a decision. We might lose perspective of what our purpose is or what we need to achieve. They show up to bring us back to our path moving towards our destination.

2) To be our teachers. These are the ones that share their wisdom with us and give us the learning we need in the moment and for the future. There is the saying “The teacher appears when the student is ready”.

3) To encourage us. There are times when we face challenges and obstacles which seem insurmountable. We experience situations where failure seems certain. At these times we are sent people to give us the strength to carry on.

4) To inspire us. When we lose focus of what it is we came to achieve they awaken us and remind us why we are here. They inspire is to get focus and achieve our goals.

5) To hold a mirror up. By reflecting back to us what we might not want to see in ourselves. We might not want to see our dark side or our flaws and often it is that which we dislike in another person that we need to face in us. These might be the parts we need to work on to change or improve.

6) To believe in us. These are the people that believe in us and help us to realize that we can achieve our dreams. It might be a stranger with whom you share an idea or plan. It might be a member of your family or your soul group. It can be as simple as that one person believing in you, for you to take the steps needed to achieve your dream(s).

7) To help us grow. These are the souls that help us grow. They provide the triggers we need to be able to move forward from the past and transform into the person we were born to be.

Be aware of how you feel when you meet a new person or speak to someone you know. It is interesting to be aware of what you are learning from them. And what their impact is on us moving towards our soul purpose.