Twin flames: a single soul inhabiting two bodies

“The one” or Twin flames is an ancient concept dating back to Aristotle and Plato, the fathers of modern philosophy.

To quote Aristotle “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Plato said, “And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of sight of the other even for a moment”.

Literally put this means that our twin flame is the other half of our human soul that has been incarnated into the body of another person. Since ancient times people have been searching for the one and we are destined to spend our days on a quest to find the other part of ourselves. The search is not bound by time and place as the universe conspires to make this meeting take place. There is an inherent knowing in the soul that there is another part and a sense of incompleteness until the meeting.

We live in a modern world where we do compromise and might settle when it takes too long to find that soul. One might choose someone to create a life with when the pressure to choose a partner, to marry, to procreate, and to create a life and a lifestyle with and it ends the search. Many are aware of the lack of connection in the compromise and remain for security, guilt and for other reasons. Other souls do not give up. Either they do not compromise or they keep on searching for their twin flame. And then there are the souls that are not aware of this search on a conscious level.

When these two souls finally meet there is an unspoken understanding between these souls which is not constrained by age or the rules of society. Each soul has a unique pattern in the universe and only you and your twin flame can recognise this in each other when you meet.

Rumi said “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere; they are in each other all along”.

There are some signs that might assist you in recognising you twin soul when you meet:

1) Heart connection. The first time you meet them you will be struck by the deepest and most intense connection with them. You might try to fine reasons why they are not ideal. The moment you allow yourself to connect to them on the deepest heart level you will have a deep sense of knowing.

2) Soul recognition. Your soul recognises their soul. You might have a sense of knowing that you know them even if you have never met them in this lifetime. You might have a feeling of déjà vu.

3) Search completion. The feeling that you have carried with you in this lifetime of having to find “the one” is finally over. And you know that you have found what you were looking for and you can now stop searching.

4) Homecoming. When you meet them for the first time you have a sense of coming home.  Your twin flame makes you feel safe and you can trust them on all levels from the start of the relationship.

5) Energy balancing. You balance each other’s energies and have a sense of being grounded when you are together. You are strong when the other is weak. You balance the light and the dark in each other’s character.

6) Attraction on all levels. You have a deep sense of attraction to your twin not only on a physical dimension.  This feeling is on a spiritual, emotional as well as on a mental level too and it heightens as the relationship deepens.

7) Purpose realigning. Finding your twin flame helps you to re-evaluate and realign your goals, vision and your soul purpose to include the other in creating your dream lives. You soul path is now connected and you find a way to create a better world by working as a team.

8) Mutual inspiring. You both inspire the other to be the best version of yourselves. There is a shared belief in the ability of the other person and that inspires you both to achieve your version of personal excellence.

9) Mirrors reflecting. You reflect back to each other the things you chose to work on in this lifetime. If your personal challenge is being stuck for example your twin flame will reflect back to you what needs to change for you to move forward. You will help the other grow to achieve your soul purpose.

10) Personal individuality. You are aware that you are two halves of a whole. They will shine a spotlight on your individuality as you see the contrast with theirs. You will feel brave to explore your own needs and who you are with the love and support of your twin flame.

11) Freedom giving. You are connected and free in the relationship. The twin flame partner does not feel or get jealous of your need to express yourself by doing what you need to do. You both have a deep sense of security in the relationship knowing that you both have the other’s back.

12) Honesty. In a twin flame relationship you have a need open and honest sharing your experiences and feelings. This deepens the connection of your souls.

13) Connection. You are both aware of this connection on all levels. You are each other’s best friend, lover, teacher, inspiration and partners in planning and creating the future.

To find this Twin flame connection there are two things you need to be aware of. The first is to allow yourself to be aware of the three mirrors we have on a soul level. And then the universe will start sending you unusual signs and symbols that your twin flame is about to appear.