Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot

Seek the path that demands your whole being” – Rumi

The highlight of my summer was the week long Bubble Festival “A Festival of Life” held in September at Ghajn Tuffieha in Malta.  The location is stunning with beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

The festival provided a glimpse of what life on earth would be like if all people were in touch with being human. Bubble Festival created an atmosphere of kindness, caring, love, openness and sharing. It was a magical, healing, transformative and healing experience as many of the attendees found and connected to other similar souls. The attendees dressed up and were free to be who they are. They could be as wild and free spirited as they wanted to be.

Everyone that showed up could just be themselves without judgement or labels. Bubble Festival provided workshops on sustainability, the environment, dance, sound healing and activities such as guided nature walks. There were three stages, one chill out and one main stage and then the secondary stage where smaller and relaxed bands played. This created the space for connectivity as there were different areas where each group could meet up and just chill.

Young people go to Bubble and other festivals for the music and then sometimes their spiritual journey starts there. They can find inspiration that can help them with their spiritual growth that is healthy and they can relate to. There were even a variety of conscious choice food options like vegan, raw and vegetarian to sustain them during the festival.

I loved the workshops on different subjects such as Connection, The Ethics of Vegetarianism as well as Yoga, Chakra breathing and Sound healing. I presented a workshop on Shielding and taught the attendees how to shield themselves from negative or draining energy in different situations. During the festival I met many young people who are on a spiritual quest looking for the answers.

At the Peace Grove I facilitated Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression sessions as well as counselling and intuitive sessions and met many beautiful young souls who are on their spiritual journey looking for their answers.  These are a few of the symptoms of a spiritual awakening I have noticed. Are there any here that you feel connected to?

1) You feel as if something has changed within you. It is not something you can explain exactly. You just feel different and you see things in another way as you get closer to whom you really are on a soul level.

2) You are aware of your old habits. Suddenly you become aware of your previous thinking patterns and way of life and you want to change it.

3) You feel disconnected from your previous friends. You have this feeling that you cannot stand falseness or people that are not authentic. You want to be alone or want to be connected to people that you feel more aligned to. The old or negative people leave you drained and exhausted. You start attracting and connecting to people that share your higher vibration. You see the vibration and connect to them on a heart and soul level.

4) You need authenticity. You are not interested in superficial people, places, and activities. On this quest you are looking for authenticity, real people, and simplicity in everything. You might think that you are being difficult but it is healthy as you are growing spiritually and vibrationally.

5) You have deep compassion. A spiritual awakening can often be accompanied by strong feelings of sadness, compassion and even depression as you become aware of the suffering and pain in the world.

6) You need to make the world a better place. Your feelings of compassion increase and you want to help people and animals. You don’t understand how people can be so unkind and hurt other beings. Helping others becomes a strong need and you feel called to make a difference.

7) You are searching for meaning in your life. You are aware of this search a goal, purpose and meaning in your life. The question you ask yourself is “Why am I here?

8) Your sensitivity expands. Your physical senses sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell become more developed. At the same time your spiritual senses such as intuition, consciousness, imagination and inspiration increases. You understand that your emotions are the compass your soul uses to guide you. And you start following your intuition.

9) Your creativity and inspiration increase. You are bombarded with brilliant new ideas, images, music and other creative inspiration. This creative expression makes you feel alive.

10) You connect to your higher consciousness. You allow yourself to connect more to your intuition and higher self for your own wisdom and answers.

11) You notice the synchronicities in your life. As you connect more to your higher consciousness your guides will send you synchronicities. If you desire something it somehow happens and you meet the right person or the perfect opportunity presents itself. You will also receive signs through repetitive numbers and other symbols will appear and catch your attention.

13) You need healthy sustenance. Your body naturally has a need for healthier food options and rejects food with a lower vibration.  You are drawn to high energy food, such as a vegetarian, vegan or raw diet with a healthy balance of raw fruits and vegetables.

14) Your sleep patterns change. You notice that you need more sleep than before, and you feel tired when waking up. You might wake up at a specific time such as 3 am for no apparent reason. And it keeps on happening.

15) You have fluctuations in your energy levels. You might go through periods of fatigue and lethargy and can’t seem to pull yourself together. At other times you have too much energy and want to make things happen all at once. As this is a time of integration you need to allow your energy levels to balance naturally.

15) Your actions are based on love and not fear. You know that your emotions indicate if you are making decisions based on love or fear. You also understand that we attract our reality based on our thoughts and what we give attention to.

16) You avoid all forms of conflict. Your inner peace is sacred to you. All types of conflict make you feel uncomfortable and any personal conflict or even conflict on television you avoid.  You will walk away from any conflict situation as you have no need to be right.

17) You do not judge. As you feel more you realize that we are all connected on a soul level and you lose interest in judging yourself or others. You vibration is love, compassion and peace for yourself and others.

18) You want to be of service. You have a deep sense of fulfilment when you are of service to the world. You want to give without expecting anything in return.

19) You feel connected. You feel an oneness with all humans, animals, nature, the planet and even the universe.  This connection gets stronger and stronger every day. You are aware that you are one with all living beings and nature. You deeply understand the impact of each of your thoughts, words and actions have on the rest of the world, and you feel deeply responsible for it.

20) You feel a strong connection to animals and nature. You understood that all living beings including animals and plants have feelings and consciousness.

21) You feel at peace. All of this gives you a deep feeling of peace. You feel calm and know that everything is in the right flow and you emerge yourself in the beauty of everything that surrounds you.