8 ways to step into your self-worth

“You are what you say to yourself all day” ~ Robin Sharma

We live in a world where we give others the power to define our value and who we are. Often we are so rushed that we don’t take time to have our own relationship with ourselves and find out what our own self-worth. We can be our greatest supporter but we can also be our own worst enemy. If I ask you the question: “Are you valuable?” How does it make you feel?

The dictionary defines self-worth as:

“Worth is the opinion you have of yourself and the value you place on yourself. An example of your self-worth is your belief that you are a good person who deserves good things or your belief that you are a bad person who deserves bad things.”

When you receive a compliment do you receive it graciously or do you shy away from it? Do you hold yourself in high regards and embrace both the beauty and the pain that have created the person you are now?

I had my own journey with discovering my self-worth and learning to set boundaries. I put my career, business, relationships everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and did not speak my truth and I felt sad. I kept on telling myself that I had to do this and everyone else’s happiness depended on me keeping the system going. My daughter telling me that my situation was destroying my soul was my wake up call. It took a lot of inner work and self-realization to understand that I am worthy of expressing myself.

Changing my inner talk and mind set helped me shift my priorities and my life became in alignment with how I wanted to feel and express my truth to the world. When I started valuing myself my life changed and so did I. Is the life you lead now in alignment of what you dream of? If not then the following eight steps may be of value to you.

1) Repeat a positive affirmation every day. This is a short saying that will re-programme your brain into a more positive outlook. Examples of affirmations about self-worth include:

Mistakes are a stepping stone to success. They are the path I must tread to achieve my dreams.

I believe in my skills and abilities.

I accept others as they are and in turn they accept me as I am.

A Google search for ‘self-worth affirmations’ will bring up 100’s. Find one or two that ring true to you. A mindset you know you need to change. And work on repeating those several times a day (out loud whenever possible).

2) Be grateful for what you have right now. Look at your life objectively and be grateful for the positive and be mindful of the things that no longer serve you.

3) Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is fighting their own battles and what you see on the outside might not be a true reflection of their inner struggle.

4) Be kind to yourself. Do something every day that you love. Make a list of your favourite things to do and each day gives yourself permission to do something. Take a walk, listen to beautiful music, read, write a blog, join an art class, and join a self-development class or group or find what gives you joy.

5) Learn to say no. The most empowering sentence is “I am sorry it doesn’t suit me”. No explanation or excuse needed.

6) Set boundaries in relationships. By valuing your time and space you are showing your self-worth. At first others will try and test the lines but stay within your boundaries.

7) Take back your power. Let go of others opinions of what you should or should not do. This is your life and you create your own reality and your own dreams.

8) Trust your instincts and your inner voice. If you are not happy know that you can change your situation and life by defining your worth and planning the steps you need.

By valuing yourself others might not always agree at first. Be the light you want to see in the world. Allow you time to connect to what you really want and write it down. Start affirming your vision. And plan as you create a life where you know you are valuable.