Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

“That deep silence has a melody of its own, a sweetness unknown amid the harsh discords of the world’s sounds.” ~ Paul Brunton

Sound healing is both an effective and proven healing modality. The vibrational sound helps to reduce stress, alter consciousness and creates a feeling of peace and of wellbeing.

Tibetan singing bowls date back to the 10th century BC and have been used by Buddhist monks for more than 2500 years. This makes them one of the oldest tools for ceremonial work and practice. The high Lamas of Tibet have guarded the secrets around the ritual of the singing bowls and it is believed the knowledge of sound carries with it great responsibility and power.

It is said that Tibetan singing bowls produce the “Om” or “sound of nothingness” and both the Hindus and Buddhists consider this the primordial sound of creation. The mystery around the ritual use of the Tibetan singing bowls has slowly evaporated and become more well-known over the last twenty years as their use has spread to the Western world.

Tibetan singing bowls create sounds in different keys and tones and relate to the seven Chakras in the body. Certain bowls affect effect all the Chakras and some only specific ones. The higher notes affect the upper Chakras, the medium tones the heart and solar plexus and the lower tones the root and sacral Chakras. The rim of the bowl can be played by rubbing the rim of the bowl in a clockwise, steady, circular motion using a suede or wooden mallet. Alternatively it can be struck like a bell.

Bowls can be placed on the body or near the body on the ground near to where the healing is required. Alternatively it can be held in the palm of your hand and always as level as possible. Rich harmonies and tones are produced when you play a singing bowl. During our waking state the normal frequency of our brain waves is Beta. By using these sounds we can take our brain state to the deeper Alpha and Theta frequencies. In these frequencies our brains we go into a deep meditative state where we feel at peace, get clarity and can connect to our intuition.

We might consciously desire healing in our normal waking state but subconsciously we resist it and block healing from taking place. Sound can bypass any mental resistance barriers and reach us on a spiritual and an emotional level. Do not analyse the sound of the bowls and just allow yourself to feel the sound as it penetrates and the healing takes place. The more you let go and allow the process the more you will benefit.

Tibetan singing bowls, and the sounds they produce as a therapy and an energy medicine, create a safe place where people can heal from sadness, depression, stress and emotional challenges. Do not analyse the sound of the bowls and just feel it as it penetrates and the healing takes place. The more you let go and allow the process the more you will benefit.