Music Therapy and Sound Healing

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul” ~ Plato

Music is an integral part of us and not something that was discovered or invented. It is what connects different people from all cultures and countries without the confines of time or space.

Weddings are filled with music as a celebration of love, joy and hope. Music is played at funerals as farewells when our journey here comes to an end. Music helps us unwind and it makes us happy when we dance to it. With music we sing praises to whom we worship. We play music to soothe our souls and we listen to sad songs when our hearts are broken. Music is part of our healing.

During ancient times healing with music was a therapy used in the temples. Apollo was both the god of music and medicine. Aesculapius was said to have cured many mental disorders with music. Both song and dance was used to heal the ill in Native American culture.

There are many examples of sound healing through the ages up to the present day. Many therapists recommend it as part of the healing process and for spiritual growth. Evidence suggests that it is beneficial to both our psychological and emotional health.

During a sound healing therapy session a practitioner will use specific types of sounds for the client to listen or sing to. These sounds can induce positive brainwaves and be mood altering. Listening to music makes up more creative and productive and relieves stress. The power of sound and music can change and heal our emotions and our bodies.