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Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling Cost:

  • €100 – per hour
  • €150 – per 1- hour 30-minute session
  • €200 – per 2 -hour session

Intuitive Counselling uses a combination of therapies and techniques to access various physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual blocks.

Intuition is defined as: “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning”. You may have used the following words when trying to explain the experience of “intuition”: instinct, insight, sixth sense, premonition, hunch, funny feeling or sneaking suspicion. The Buddhist word for intuition is “satori” which means “sudden enlightenment.”

It is not ‘fortune telling’, ‘dark magic’ or ‘seeing dead people’.

When clients come to counselling with an issue, it is often because they didn’t follow their intuition. As a result of blocking, denying or repressing their intuitive signals, people find themselves in situations that are sometimes very difficult to get out of; with ailments that cannot be cured with medicine; or with unexplained anxiety, depression, fears or phobias. This is where intuitive counselling comes in.

Intuitive counselling can help you access a higher level of internal truth. By fully connecting with the wisdom of your intuition, there is often a very big shift in the way you view the circumstances that lead you to counselling. You are able to gain clarity and move forward in your life.

Who can benefit from an Intuitive Counselling session?2023-11-23T13:01:59+01:00

Anyone concerned about their health, wealth, purpose, career, relationships, or spiritual growth. Sometimes we reach a point where we feel depressed or anxious about something occurring in our lives. Or we are looking to change something that is happening or to modify/transmute a pattern that continues to show up in our lives. Being able to feel or know your blocks will greatly assist you to be more conscious of your choices and therefore be able to take greater responsibility for your life!

Must I be of any particular religion for Intuitive Counselling to work?2023-11-23T14:56:35+01:00

No. Intuitive counselling does not require a belief in a personal deity, a religion, or a belief in the existence of an immortal soul. It is not “dark magic” or “fortune telling”. Intuitive counselling will not affect your religious beliefs in any way.

intuitive counselling can assist with overcoming depression
intuitive counselling session
past life regression therapy connects pieces of a puzzle

Intuitive Counselling


  • See personal relationships in a new light

  • Develop a healthy mindset to move forward in your life

  • Release anxiety, fear and/or anger

  • Find your sense of purpose / direction in your life

  • Cope with life changes / loss / grief


Healing Journey


“Intuition is seeing with the soul” ~ Dean Koontz

With the right guidance, it’s possible to overcome any obstacle in your life. Karin’s personal journey, combined with years of therapy practice across several continents, gives her the insight and expertise to address the root of your troubles. Whilst it is beneficial to work on a tailored Hypnotherapy program, many clients see results from a single session.

Start your healing journey today! To book your online (Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom) or in-person session please contact Karin. Click below for payment options which will be at the bottom of the page, and secure your session today.

“Karin creates an experience like no other I have had before. After a psychic session with her and a beautiful, guided meditation journey, I feel balanced and refreshed. My goal was to get unstuck from the rut I was in. Karin facilitated this and much more beyond my expectations. Her generous energy helped me to heal and gain a clear view of my life. I am extremely grateful to her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal and come back to their true selves.”


“The space Karin created within my session with her, was one of safety and enlightenment. I felt weightless after my session, as if all my anxieties were dissolved into the universe’s loving hands.”



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