Malta: Fulfilling my soul purpose

“When a person desires something, all the universe conspires to help the person realize his dream.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Nine years ago I visited Malta for the first time with my family and little did I know then that I would move here in time. I visited every year and loved the sunshine, sea views, beautiful landscapes, elegant architecture, fascinating history and wonderful, warm people. It felt like a piece of paradise and became the place where I felt most at peace. Two and a half years ago I came for a two-week vacation, which turned into a five-week mini sabbatical. I was also aware of darker energies being around.

I remember sitting on the beach telling my friends that I wanted to move here. At that stage I was an interior designer with an established design practice. As I left the beach I walked past a new development which had the interior designer working on the project advertised on a sign. As I stood in front of the sign I knew I would move here, but not as an interior designer. My quest to change careers had started years earlier and I knew I needed to implement that knowledge if I wanted to redesign and transform my life.

My life had been all about design for more than thirty years. I was always creating tranquil and beautiful spaces in my (mostly female) client’s homes. I was always intrigued by who they were and the stories they carried with them. What interested me most was why many of these women suffered from emotional pain (which they carried with them). They often had depression, diabetes, migraines or other diseases or were sometimes ‘stuck’ in situations or relationships of abuse and were not able to move forward.

Some examples:

  • Clients would tell me about energies or entities they could sense or feel in their children’s bedrooms or in their homes. I would remove the object that served as a portal to allow the entities access to the space. And removed the energies and cleaned the space. I also had a fascination with curses whether they were generational or new. Although I had little training at the time, I found I could intuitively sense what needed to be done. And, whilst doing interior design for these clients, I was often clearing and healing, and all the while looking for more answers.
  • What also intrigued me were the homes that clients had designed themselves. Before the “internet age” or any research / training clients had created beautiful homes in styles from specific periods / areas / eras. Sometimes in definite styles that did not make sense to their geographic location and background. I needed answers and began my research and studies.
  • As a designer I was fortunate to travel abroad from South Africa and visit interior design fairs all over Europe. I often combined my travels with studying alternative healing modalities and courses in working with energies. I was forever trying to find the answers to help my clients heal and clear the energy around them.
  • I was very aware that I was often not only there for the physical interior design – the curtains and furniture, but also for their internal interior design – to help them clear negative energy and find the answers to help them heal and move forward in their lives.

I was at a lunch party a day or two later in Malta and a woman seated next to me (who turned out to be a local psychologist) asked what I did for a living. I replied that I was an interior designer but I also cleared energies and broke curses.

She was so excited and begged me to move to Malta immediately as their only avenue was Catholic priests – and many people she knew needed help were not Catholic. I was very intrigued by these energies in Malta and very aware of them on my travels.

When I returned back home to South Africa from Malta, I knew my life would change. And continued the quest to find my soul purpose and worked on my own healing and personal ‘interior redesign’.

I knew my first step was to complete more training in spiritual work and healing modalities, to help me gain a better understanding of my abilities and soul purpose, and to aquire the tools and skills needed to enable me to help others in their journey. I truly desired to change my life and to create a new future career and life for myself.

I spent the following summer studying Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression in Italy – acquiring the skills and qualifications I needed to start my new career and life. And since then have attended regular courses and workshops to further my knowledge and expertise in my field.

And now, here I am starting my new life in Malta, with a new career, as I had envisioned in front of that sign all those years ago.