Are you allowing fear of judgement to block your intuition?

Do you often have a feeling that something has happened or is going to happen? Then second guess yourself that you can’t possibly know this. And how many times has this intuition been correct? Chances are, you have intuitive (psychic) abilities.

Have you ever felt judged because you are intuitive?

Judgement is part of the fibre of the world we live in. Constant judgement of others’ intuition and our own can be a major block that keeps us from following our intuitive journey. Everyone judges and we unfortunately are our harshest critics.

There is a deep inner knowing within us that connects us to each other with love and empathy. By allowing judgement, it keeps us from accessing the truth and our higher wisdom.

These are six steps you can take when you doubt your intuition and want to know if what you sense or feel is true.

  1. Go to a quiet space where you can be on your own.
  2. Light a white candle.
  3. Clear your mind from all clutter and racing thoughts. Breathe deeply.
  4. Say a prayer or connect to your higher wisdom.
  5. Allow the wisdom to enter your thoughts and don’t judge the thoughts.
  6. Thank the higher wisdom and blow out the candle.

This exercise is about letting go of your self-limiting thoughts and self-judgement and allowing yourself to step through it, connecting and embracing what you intuitively know.