Stop and drink your tea

Do you know why we feel so stressed?

Because we don’t stop.

We don’t put down the phone.  There is always one more call to be made and our social media to be checked. And we don’t switch off from our e mails.

We don’t walk away from our chores until they are done. We just keep on going because that is what we do.

By doing this we make our lives small. We are driven by the constant need to do.

Stop. Breathe and walk away.

Give yourself permission to take ten minutes of kindness.

Allow yourself to relax, have a glass of water or a cup of tea.

Appreciate something of beauty where you are. The sunshine on your face, the view, the clouds, the sound of the birds, your pet, a picture of a happy memory or a loved one.

Breathe in and allow this feeling of the beautiful moment to fill you.

Breathe out any stress or negativity.

Allow yourself to relax and to be at peace.

Allow every cell in your body to feel the moment.

Breathe freely now and smile and know that you deserve this.

If you don’t stop and allow yourself moments of kindness, you will miss the beauty of your life.

And someone as beautiful as you needs to know their worth.

Please start taking more moments for yourself.

You deserve it.