6 signs you have started your soul searching journey

“My soul is from elsewhere and I intend to end up there” ~ Rumi

I have loved Rumi’s quotes for years and little did I understand how reading that sentence of his would change my life.

It happened in a moment where everything seemed to be perfect. I had the most beautiful family, a lovely home, an interesting interior design practice and fabulous friends.

It was as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over me. This was the important sign I had been searching for.

The empty bucket I had been carrying inside me for years suddenly cracked open and I felt even more empty, alone, and sad. I had a deep knowing that this was not where I was meant to be.

The cultural conditioning that I had subscribed to of happiness, success and gratification were no longer my reality. The social hypnosis and the meaningless pursuit of things in the life I had worked so hard to create were killing my soul.

Up to that moment I had never even stopped to consider the soul. I had no idea that I was on a soul searching journey. I had no label for what I was feeling and experiencing. I simply knew that I had to follow my intuition and follow the path my soul would guide me on.

By going on my soul journey I have found answers that resonate with my being.

What Is your Soul?

“The soul is your innermost being. The presence that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond form, that is the soul. That is who you are in essence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Whether you believe in God, the universe, or something else, there might come a point on your journey when you will find yourself soul searching. This is not everyone’s journey.

A religious path is following someone else’s experience whereas a soul (or spiritual) journey is following your own. On either path you realize that there is something bigger than you, inside of you.

We are not a body with a soul; we are a soul having a human experience inside a body.

Our soul guides us and protects us and reminds us who we truly are. The soul carries the universal wisdom and knows who we are and what we have come to do. It knows our purpose.

That is the part of us that is our soul.

On this soul journey it is to find the truth that resonates with our soul. Our soul does not judge.

Soul searching in Gozo

Why do we go on a soul journey?

We were not all designed to simply fit in and follow the norms of society, so we numb ourselves to soften the experience. There are some souls who question the rules and do not fit the mould.

Everyone has a soul, is part of a soul group, and has a soul mate. But not everyone allows themselves to go on a soul searching journey.

We have a higher purpose and when it is not acknowledged or actively pursued, we are not in harmony, which manifests itself as a search for meaning in life.

When our souls start this search, we cannot ignore it. The universe conspires to give us challenges and tests to awaken us and get our attention.

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Often this creates a crossroads where we have a choice. We have free will and we can either follow the call of our soul or we can stay in our comfort zone (even if it is not so comfortable).

It urges us to embark on a journey to find our purpose and our soul group – the tribe that speaks our language. Soul searching is the way home; the way back to us.

The challenge is that we get lost. We are the masters of distraction and many find it hard to sit down to visualize or meditate. Society dictates that constant activity is the preferred way of being.

In all the busyness, doing and getting more, there is emptiness which we can choose to settle for. The alternative is to answer our soul calling and go on our spiritual journey to find our purpose.

6 signs you have started your soul searching journey:

1) You feel disconnected from your outside world

The beginning of your awakening might be an awareness that you think and are different to the people round you. You feel slightly disconnected, as if you just don’t fit in. It is not your environment that has changed. You’re simply more aware of what is right or wrong for you.

You feel the need to have more meaningful conversations and know the people in your life will not understand this unknown version of you. You start to feel as if you speak a different language and no one understands what you are saying.

And you are questioning your place in all of this. This is the beginning of your awakening.

2) You realize that you need connection and not ‘things’

You search for meaningful human connections as you try to find your soul group. You are constantly trying to connect.

You realise that nice things are just things and that higher consciousness connection is everything. You might still have lovely things and a nice life even as you are soul searching.

But the flow of money is just energy. You realize that by releasing the fear behind the lack of money you know that it is not a measure of happiness or success.

3) You stop judging and look for higher meaning

Your soul is looking for meaning, purpose and harmony. Negativity, gossip and judgement are no longer part of your framework and you let it go. It simply no longer serves you.

You no longer want to engage in negative conversations. You feel upset around certain people when they are negative or judge others.

Your energy focusses on a bigger cause and a higher purpose, I you no longer want to indulge in idle chit chat and you won’t give your energy to anything that doesn’t add value to you on that journey.

You shift your perspectives because soul alignment becomes your first priority.

Energy for anything other than soul aligned tasks or relationships becomes scarce as you focus on making space for what you do want in life.
You understand that souls don’t judge. The material world does.

4) You have a need for authenticity

On your soul journey, you have a need for conversations with depth. Topics about other people and things seem pointless. You are more interested in topics that relate to the earth, sustainability, connecting to the real issues that impact the world and future generations. You need to connect on a deep level, and you are no longer bothered by fitting in or pleasing the crowd.

Your path is leading you back to you and you let go of situations that are meaningless.

You no longer want to make space for meaningless tasks, activities, relationships, and situations that don’t feel 100% in harmony when you are soul searching.

5) You want to find the answers and heal from the past

You develop a daily practice like journaling, meditation, yoga or walking in nature. You have an increasing self-awareness that the past needs to be released so you can heal and move forward.

Your soul journey is a process of learning from the past, healing the pain and moving forward. You are searching for healers, therapists, teachers, workshops, courses or retreats to help you find the answers.

6) Your intuitive journey starts

A heightened awareness makes you aware of who and what no longer serves you as well as what your next steps are. You start to follow the signs and trust the process.

You begin to develop your intuition and are open to learning. You have a need to spend time in nature and time on your own. You find a spiritual teacher and deepen your learning and gifts.

Or you start your soul journey to learn and meet the souls you are meant to connect with in this lifetime. Some souls can find their answers by researching / reading or taking courses locally or on the internet. Other souls need to physically travel to find their answers and their soul group.

There are many ways to know that you are on your spiritual journey and your soul is searching for more. Everyone has a path that is different, as we all have a different soul purpose.

If you are on your soul journey, trust the process and follow the signs – the symbols you need will be sent. Be open to change and to seeking your wisdom. Your soul knows the way.

My soul journey has led me on a journey of self-discovery, many travel adventures, and ultimately my new life at L’Gharix Temple Retreat on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo.

Speaking to a soul friend in South Africa the other day he reminded me that on our walks home from school as a teenager I always told him that I would one day live on an island.

Did my soul know even then that this would be my journey?

Soul Searching in Gozo, Malta

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