Couples Retreat To Deepen Your Love

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

What are couples retreats and why should you plan one?

Couples retreats are unique vacation programs that create a safe space for you to learn about yourself and your partner on a much deeper and vulnerable level and improve your relationship and emotional connection with each other in a beautiful setting.

It is just so easy to get swept away by the busyness of everyday life, demanding jobs, family responsibilities, social commitments, technology and all the things that form part of everyday life. Retreats allow you and your partner to step away from your lives for a few days and find yourselves and each other again, and to remember the romance while deepening your relationship and having fun together.

What happens at a couple’s retreat?

Once you are settled in, the facilitator will gather information about your relationship or marriage to recognize and clarify your couples retreat goals. Each couple is in a unique situation and the program is then designed and adjusted to suit your personal and relationship needs. The program is created with time for your personal sessions as well as for couples’ activities. The sessions improve your relationship and could include discussions, workshops, exercises, activities and they can be combined with a romantic vacation experience as well.

Who are couples’ retreats created for?

Couples retreats are designed for honeymooners as they start their journey together, couples who are married, couples who are living together, couples who are not living together, friends that are connected and family members who want to deepen their relationship. The only requirements are love and a commitment to each other and your relationship.

The benefits of a couple’s retreat:

The first benefit of a couple’s retreat is that it is a chance to get away and for you both to experience and explore a new vacation destination. You will both learn useful skills that will help you deepen and strengthen your relationship, and boost your intimacy, and techniques to constructively resolve your conflicts. Experiencing transformation as you and your partner experience different healing practices. Discover your relationship needs and connect to your partner as you gain a deeper understanding of their love needs. Have quiet time to reflect on the serenity of your retreat destination.

What does L’Gharix Temple Retreat offer?

At L’Gharix Temple Retreat we offer special experiences for you and your partner such as a couples sound healing in the private cave, the Love to Be Loved program where you get a deeper understanding of both you and your partners love language, and couples guided meditation.

Past Life Regression sessions to understand your ‘soul contracts’, as well as the option of couples yoga, romantic meals, watching a sunset while sipping your favourite beverage, or a variety of outdoor experiences. These and other activities should help you deepen your relationship while you are enjoying yourselves and having a wonderful time.

The custom-designed retreat packages are specially designed to suit your couple connection and transformation needs. Our retreats give you the option to have holistic healing and relaxing experiences such as guided meditation and sound healing. One also has the choice of therapy or hypnosis sessions to deal with conflicts, preparing you for marriage, repairing the relationship, to name a few. This is an ideal opportunity to deepen your connection to your partner.

You can expect to learn new communication skills while feeling closer and more connected to your partner as you relax and have fun in a beautiful setting away from home.

At L’Gharix we offer custom-designed couples retreats to suit your relationship needs.