Spiritual Healing: 4 powerful ways to heal your soul

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want you already are” ~ Rumi

Spiritual Healing is about finding a connection to something greater than yourself. And deeply connected to the inner world of a person. In the chaos of our modern world, filled with technology, social media and complete disconnect from other humans, the need for spiritual connection and deep healing is greater than ever, but often overlooked.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is a modality where we are reunited with our own essential being. Our connection to the divine is within us, the one that has the ancient wisdom, the love, the knowledge of what is, and what will be, at our core. The root of physical and emotional ailments we are suffering can be found in disconnection from our inner center. By consciously accessing this infinite wisdom, we can restore, balance and heal our bodies and minds.

Spiritual healing can be defined as a few different modalities. It can be through the act of healing others of their emotional, spiritual or physical ailments through sound healing, guided meditation or hypnotherapy where the subconscious is accessed to finding the healing they need. It may also include the transference of visualized healing light or energy from a source or God (depending on a person’s belief system) through the touch or the energy transmitted through the hands of the therapist.

Karin Laing - Spiritual Healing practitioner, Healing Retreats, Malta & Gozo

Types of Spiritual Healing

There are many different approaches to spiritual healing. The four different types of healing are targeted at the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

1) Physical Healing

This is done through therapeutic massage therapy, Reiki, Energy healing or Reflexology. A well-trained practitioner provides the treatment by connecting to, and removing, the pain and resistance inside the client. This is also done through chakra healing, crystal healing, breath work, and traditional medicine such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and herbal remedies. Often the client can feel the physical release as it happens.

2) Emotional Healing

This is healing of the heart and is the ability to be present with your emotions and to work through them. There are five steps in healing the emotional self.

  1. The first step is in being present. Often it is when you are avoiding something or when you are craving something … chocolate, a cigarette, alcohol or food.
  2. The second step is confrontation. What are you avoiding? What is the truth you don’t want to face? Get clarity on what it is and name it.
  3. The third step is facing the emotions. Navigate the emotions. Go to the cause. What are they trying to teach you? In this step you will also understand what you need for your healing.
  4. During the fourth step you gain insight, clarity and you know what you need to do. You move forward with an action plan.
  5. During the fifth step you adjust your perception and release the pain, person or situation. You change your mindset and let the old pattern go. You forgive yourself.

Gratitude is an important part of the emotional healing.

Karin Laing - the power of emotional healing

3) Mental Healing

During a healing session, memories may surface of physical and emotional traumas that contribute to your ailment, but also provide part of the healing process. This can happen through any of the healing modalities.

It is important to note that spiritual healing may reveal mental challenges that would be best referred to a psychotherapist.

4) Holistic (or Soul) Healing

Holistic or Soul Healing is done in the form of Guided Meditation, Hypnotherapy and/or Past Life Regression. A holistic healing practitioner or shaman will focus on healing the soul and on soul retrieval. The concept is that the soul holds the memories of this life, and past lives, and holds the answers to your healing.

Holistic Healing is the connection of the body, heart, mind, and soul in combining different healing modalities to help you to connect to your soul healing.

Ask yourself what your greatest challenge is. Decide on what the healing is that you need and find the right healer. Different healers specialize in different modalities.

Karin Laing - Guided Meditation - Tibetan singing bowl

Why does a soul need to heal?

A person might say to you ‘I’m a lost soul,’ ‘I feel lost,’ ‘I feel stuck,’ ‘I have no motivation,’ or “My soul is broken.” When they verbalize this, they are confirming that something is missing, and this can be rooted in the soul. A soul can be disconnected from their purpose and but cannot be broken. It is more likely that they have lost touch with their soul and what brings them joy on that level.

Spiritual healers, who understand the nature of the soul, will use different modalities to assist you in finding your healing within:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Inner child work, as many answers are rooted there
  • Self-love and self-care practices
  • Introspection by journaling
  • Soul retrieval in Hypnosis, Regression or journeying
  • Journeying and connecting with angels, spirit animals, spirit guides
  • Spending time alone and in nature

Use spiritual discernment and your intuition here. Find the healer, spiritual teacher, workshop, course or retreat that resonates with you.

We have free will and we can allow ourselves to face, learn from, explore, integrate, and understand why we chose the lessons and move forward. Your soul knows what it is you have come to do.

Spiritual Healing brings you the clarity and connection to your own inner being and your purpose. The question is “What have you come to do?” It is that simple.

Soul Searching and Spiritual Healing Retreat

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