Smudging with white sage

Burning sage and smudging with white sage is one of the oldest methods of cleansing a person, or a space of unwanted energies. This practice of smudging has been used by our ancestors, since ancient times, in every corner of the world. The plant most commonly used is white sage (Salvia Apiana) and it is referred to as the king of all sages. The white sage plant and the ceremony are considered to be sacred.

Smudging refers to the ritual of burning of the sage and it has a pleasant sweet smell when it is burned. It is not only burned for its sweet smell and it is burned in a home or space to get rid of unwanted and negative energies. The smoke attaches to the energies and spirals upward to clear the space of the unwanted energies.

You should smudge yourself, your home and your car at least once a week as a normal procedure to maintain the balance. When you clean your home or car it is beneficial to do a smudging afterwards.

Why smudging is important

Negative energies can be picked up anywhere or sent from anywhere. It can even be picked up from just walking around. Sensitive people that work closely with others such as medical practitioners and staff, teachers, factory workers, office workers, beauty therapists and alternative healers should smudge and clear their space daily.

How to smudge and cleanse your space

To smudge do the following:

  • Set a clear intention before you start and say aloud: “My intention is to rid this space of any unwanted or dark energies. As the dark energies leave I call in light energies to replace the dark.”
  • Take a small container that fits into your hand and cover the bottom with sand or salt to protect it from heat.
  • Light a bunch of white sage at the end of the leaves.
  • Once the leaves are burning well, blow out the flame and allow the leaves to smoke
  • The smoke from the leaves is called smudging.
  • Pass the smoke over your head, your body and all around you an odd number of times.
  • It is important to do it an odd number as that is what shifts the energy.
  • If it is your home or office space you are smudging then close all the windows and doors.
  • Allow the smoke from the leaves to go into each corner and even open cupboards and smudge behind doors.
  • Then leave the house or office space for at least an hour
  • This smudging will dissolve and remove many dark energies or entities from your space.
  • When you return open the doors and windows and state aloud that “all the darkness or negativity is gone”. Close the windows or doors that you need to.