10 Signs that you’re an Empath

Are you very sensitive? Do people comment that you are too sensitive? Have you questioned yourself and wondered if there is something amiss with the way you feel? Chances are you are an Empath.

These ten traits characterise an Empath.

  1. Empaths are sensitive. An Empath is very aware of another person’s feelings before a word is spoken. They then experience other’s the energy and pain as if it is their own. As an empath it is sometimes difficult to distinguish if these are their own emotions or belong to the person they just had contact with.
  2. Empaths are emotional. They are able to feel other people’s emotions and heartache as if it is their own. Often if the a person cries they will start crying too. Or if they hear a depressing story or watch a film with a sad ending they will feel the pain and often respond with tears.
  3. Empaths put others needs ahead of their own. As an Empath personal boundaries can be a challenge. They ignore their own needs and are always taking care of others. People are allowed into their personal space even if they are tired and it doesn’t suit them. Saying no to another’s needs or wants is difficult. This causes them to feel drained and exhausted.
  4. Empaths are great listeners. People are drawn to Empaths as they are good listeners. Friends and even total strangers will often confide their innermost secrets to an Empath.
  5. Empaths know when people lie to them. An Empath has a lie radar and can instinctively feel is someone is telling an untruth. This causes them to feel unbalanced when they know they are being lied to.
  6. Empaths over-analyse every situation. Empaths often post mortem conversations and situations and wonder if they could and should have reacted differently or said something else.
  7. Empaths are rescuers. In relationships, the “energy vampires” are often attracted to Empaths as they need their light can feed off the Empath’s energy. These individuals have the ability to can drain the life blood out of an Empath through their drama and neediness. The Empath’s natural inclination is to heal and fix the person. Unfortunately these encounters leave the Empath feeling fatigued and unable to fight back.
  8. Empaths are extremely intuitive. As an Empath you experience the world around you through your intuition. Be aware of your gut feel the first time you meet new people. Listen to that feeling, as it will protect you from energy vampires and connect you with good relationships. Trust your intuition.
  9. Empaths are often tired or drained. Because Empaths are constantly giving of themselves on all levels it causes them to feel absolute exhaustion. They need to have enough sleep as this allows them to heal.
  10. Empaths need their own space. Large crowds or malls are not the ideal spaces for Empaths to find themselves in. They inadvertently pick up so many different energies and that can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Alone time in a safe place, preferably in nature is a place of healing for them. They need to anchor and balance themselves and have time on their own.

Does this sound like you? You are a beautiful sensitive soul. Embrace these Empathic qualities and enjoy the journey. However, it’s important to understand that you are an Empath and that many other personality types will try to take advantage of your giving nature. A good motto to live by is “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness”. Empathic souls are kind and giving, but you are just as strong, if not stronger than many others.