This retreat is intense and presented in just over two days and two nights. It can be custom-designed to suit the individual or couple’s needs.

It can be presented over a longer duration of up to six days – with more personal development and healing as well as Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression sessions in between, interspersed with excursions to beaches and attractions on Gozo and Malta.

Please note that if extra individual sessions (not included in the retreat) are required – Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Counselling as well as Energy Healing can be booked at €85 per hour.

Please discuss this with Karin on booking to request scheduling for before or after the retreat. As the retreat can be custom designed we can also schedule them as part of the package over more days.

To find out more or book a date for your custom designed retreat please contact Karin Laing.