Included in the Training cost and tuition package is the $59 fee for 6-month student
membership to IACT. This will give you as a Hypnotherapy student complete access
to all the information in the IACT virtual library, the newsletter, journal, and chat
group while in training. There is also a virtual tour located on the homepage to acquaint yourself with the benefits of membership. As a student, you
will have access to the virtual library for independent reading and to support our
Please include a copy of a legal ID photo, such as a driver’s licence with the
application. If your case studies are completed within the six months, I will be able to
upgrade you to a certified level membership and the student level membership will
be applied towards the certified membership thus reducing the cost for full
membership for a year to $40.
(Please note no certificate is issued with a student membership. You get an online
account for access to the IACT site.)