Requirements for full certificate accreditation and certified level membership of IACT
are as follows:

Completion of both modules of the Zoom training in the mornings as well as the
afternoon practice sessions.
Continued personal development is an important part of you becoming a skilled
Hypnotherapist there will be Master Trainer support during weekly Zoom sessions for
twelve weeks after. This is to support you as you develop your Hypnotherapist skills,
work on your case studies, and build your Hypnotherapy practice.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification – Module 1: Submit three written and one
recorded and written audio session. (Four in total)
Past Life Regression Certification – Module 2: Submit three written and one recorded
and written audio session. (Four in total)
Write and submit your own induction.
All eight the case studies (your own induction can be part of your submitted case
studies) to be submitted to Master Trainer Karin Laing. You will receive individual
case study feedback from Karin Laing. Once accepted the submitted case studies
will be signed off by Master Trainer.
Once the case studies have been accepted and accredited for membership with the
International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT)(USA)you will be
required to pay your yearly certified membership fee. (This is not included in your
training fee)
You will be eligible to be on the IACT website as a Hypnotherapist
You will receive your certificate with your practice number.
You have eight months from the completion date of your training to complete and
submit your case studies to Karin Laing for review and accreditation.