Red Tent Women’s Circle

“The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and sing with us when we are strong.” ~ Unknown

When I exited my marriage seven years ago my circle of friends stepped in and protected me and made me feel safe. Each friend fulfilled her space with no judgement and unconditional love. This was the most humbling of experiences. And I am eternally grateful to my circle of Princess Friends.

As a therapist I see many women who are isolated and lonely. In modern society life is rushed and there is never seems enough time to get everything done. Women are lonelier in their homes and in their lives and more separate from each other than ever before. There are fewer opportunities for coming together in a circle and there is less time to spend in this way.

In ancient times women shared a lot more than they do today, as they shared the gathering of food and the cooking thereof and they shared the care of their babies and children. Traditionally the Red Tent was a place where women came together during menstruation, often with synchronized cycles, to share feminine issues, and to keep each other strong and happy.

Women are often the center of the family unit, caring and nurturing their children and the wider community. In a Women’s Circle other women fill the emotional gap in the intimate partnerships women have.

Red Tent Gozo - Women's evening at L'Gharix Temple Retreat

In these relationships, women support women, and it assists women to be better mothers, wives and partners. The emotional, physical, mental, moral support and stimulation creates a harmonious space for women to thrive and be their best version.

As women are empathic givers and nurturers it is important for them to also get nourishment as continuous giving can end in depletion. Many modern health problems are a result of this. Women intuitively know how to give and to restore each other.

I created the Red Tent Malta and Gozo circle as I believe it is important to be part of a circle of spiritual women that speak my language of caring and nurturing and I wanted to create the experience for other women too.

Red Tent Gozo - Women's evening at L'Gharix Temple Retreat

What happens in our Red Tent?

  • As you arrive you are welcomed by the gentle music, flickering candlelight and nurturing atmosphere in the studio or cave (weather dependent).
  • We do a calming guided meditation whilst listening to the music.
  • We then introduce ourselves and listen as each woman, if she feels like it, shares something about her life in this safe and tranquil place.
  • We write, create and connect on a feminine level.
  • We talk about what we would like to create, do or achieve in the following month.
  • We do an intention setting exercise.
  • At the end of the evening when we close and having set our intentions for the next month, we take hands, blow out the candles and send our love and good energy to the world.
  • We eat, drink tea or coffee and water as we share our feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Our Red Tent is a safe, friendly, sacred and non-judgmental space where women are able to connect and find nourishment for their souls.

Red Tent Malta & Gozo - Women's evening at L'Gharix Temple Retreat, Xaghra, Gozo

These meetings are open to all women of all ages.

The true benefits of women’s circles are immeasurable. Caring and empathic friends make our lives better as they support us on our journey.

I am so grateful for the beautiful women who are part of our Red Tent Women’s Circle Gozo and for the friendships and the sisterhood we are sharing.

If you are in Gozo on a Friday evening do have a look on our Facebook, Meetup or on our website to see when we are having a Red Tent Women’s Circle Gozo evening as we would love you to join and share in our beautiful experience.

Red Tent Women's Circle - Meeting place for women in Malta and Gozo at L'Gharix Temple Retreat