Create a list of questions:

This is a great opportunity to formulate questions you may have about yourself, your purpose,
relationships, experiences you have had as well as related subjects. This is a unique experience to
receive guidance and become your own channel. Formulate between thirty to fifty questions and
bring this list along to your session.

Create a list of Significant Others:

Write a list of first names of people who have significantly impacted your life. Typically included are
relatives, best friends, lovers, and teachers. A list of about twelve names or fewer is sufficient.
Include a few words that describe each person and how they have impacted you. These names may
come up during the session, and it would be helpful to have this list on hand.

As a Life Between Lives® session is deep and runs for many hours, you are welcome to bring
whatever you may need to make yourself comfortable for an extended period, such as a special
pillow, blanket, favourite photo, crystal, or gemstone.