We are excited to offer advanced training courses:

Clinical Hypnotherapy:
(6-Day IMDHA Certified Training Course).

Embark on a transformative journey that will unlock your inner healing abilities and pave the way to abundance. Through Clinical Hypnotherapy, you can heal your past, align with your soul’s purpose, and effortlessly manifest the limitless life you’ve always envisioned with newfound clarity and confidence.

The Golden Goddess: Certified Transformational Trainer (IACT & IMDHA Certified)
For Hypnotherapists, Regression therapists and NLP coaches, who are ready to activate their sacred calling & ascend to a new dimension in fulfilling their soul purpose with our Train The Trainer – “The Golden Goddess” Program and become a divine transformational trainer and mentor in Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy.

Soul Activator Priestess: A divine 60 days immersion to unlock your personal sacred healing power and activate abundance, as you heal your past and start living an aligned limitless life you wished for with clarity and ease as you fulfil your soul’s calling.

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