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Group Past Life Regression

in the L’Gharix Temple Retreat Cave

L’Għarix Temple Retreat is built a hundred metres behind the Ggantija temples which are recognised by UNESCO as the oldest freestanding buildings in the world. They are over 7,500 years old, older than Stonehenge and the pyramids in Egypt.

L’Għarix Temple Retreat has it’s own private cave where group sessions and workshops, and guided meditations are conducted.

Past Life Regression can give you insight into your soul contracts with people in your life, and help you understand fears, phobias and patterns that repeat in your life. Many people use Past Life Regression to help resolve inner conflict and find their soul purpose.

Group Past Life Regression sessions are for two hours one Friday of every month at 5.30 pm.

“If you don’t make peace with your past it will keep showing up in your present” ~ Wayne Dyer

When is the next Group Past Life Regression?2020-03-18T10:39:51+01:00

Group Past Life Regression sessions are held (2 hours) one Friday of every month at 5.30 pm. The gate opens 10 minutes prior to the start time.

Please visit our Facebook page or contact Karin for upcoming dates.

How much does it cost?2019-08-12T09:32:37+02:00

The 2 hour Group Past Life Regression session in the cave costs €40 per person.

Where is it held?2019-08-12T09:37:03+02:00

The Group Past Life Regression sessions are held in the private cave at L’Gharix Temple Retreat, Alley 1, Triq Parsott, Xagħra, Gozo (Behind the temples).

How do I book?2020-03-18T10:37:26+01:00

To book a Group Past Life Regression please contact Karin with your preferred date and time, and number of participants.

Group Guided Meditation at L'Gharix Temple Retreat, Gozo
L'Gharix Temple Retreat is located next to the Ggantija Temples Gozo
Cave steps at L'Gharix Temple Retreat, Gozo
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