Teresa Azzopardi is a qualified yoga instructor and massage therapist.

Teresa has enjoyed pushing herself physically for many years, but as she’s gotten older she realized something was missing. A bigger picture. An expansion. This is where yoga came in – a place she found that the physical was only a gateway to the emotional, the spiritual, the peace that yoga practice brings.

With a long-held desire to share what worked in her life, yoga teaching was a natural one. Teresa is committed to meeting her students where they’re at and being an invitation to find a new edge of possibility. As a yoga instructor, Teresa values how what shows up on the mat can be used in everyday life. By opening to a new way of being on the mat, a new way of being in life opens up off the mat.

Teresa developed a passion and dedicated practice for breath and alignment focused yoga practice in India in 2015. “Through the physical practice of yoga, I strive to open your eyes to what it means to stand inside of yourself with pride, compassion and be able to live your truth, whatever it may be, without fear.”